13 November 2018



Yes, on Apprikator.com, you can easily create your own application for Android and iOS. Our system generates APK files and iOS source codes.
You are trying to log in before signing up on the system. Please use the "Sign Up" tab next to the "Log in" tab.
Firstly, you should sign up, try every feature in your dashboard, change the style of your app, and when you are ready, go to "Publication Tab" you will see the Download button. Choose a plan and you will have your app.
After designing your app on apprikator.com, you need to download the APK file under "Publication Tab" in your dashboard. Then, you can upload your APK file to Google Play Store. For publishing your application, you need to create a developer account on Google Play Store. Please visit https://play.google.com/apps/publish
First of all, you should download the source code of your application, then you need to compile ipa file with your Apple developer details. You have to create a developer account on the App Store. You can purchase app publication service as well.
To earn money, you need to subscribe on a paid plan and create an AdMob account. After doing that, you will be able to show ads in your apps. Please visit https://www.google.com.tr/admob
Yes, you can change every image and icon in your app.
You don't have to create a developer account on Google Play. We provide Google Play Store Publication Service. If you don't have a Google Play Developer account, we can help you. With our developer plans, we provide publishing service.