The Most Affordable Professional Mobile App Maker

The Most Affordable Professional Mobile App Maker The Most Affordable Professional Mobile App Maker Apprikator was founded in 2018. Thousand of developers have been developing Android and iOS applications on our platform without coding. If you don’t have any coding experience in mobile application development, you can easily create your desired mobile application on Read more about The Most Affordable Professional Mobile App Maker[…]

Chat App

The ultimate Chat module to build your own complete Chat app, or incorporate a Chat system in your apps. Real-Time Chat Create public chatrooms and let your users create their own private chatrooms and chat with each others. Rich messages Send Text and Image Messages. And top-notch features! Add friends for chatting, block/unblock users, instant Read more about Chat App[…]

Taxi App

Your own uber like app. Taxi drivers and passengers can register for using your taxi app. As an app owner, you can manage drivers, passengers, vehicles, payment methods, Accountancy, cash returns & payouts. All drivers in the radius can receive notifications about ride requests. As an app owner, you will receive the payments for all rides. Passengers pay Read more about Taxi App[…]

Custom Page

With custom page feature you can create your app with custom features for your different needs. Start creating your app for your special needs.

Google Play Publishing

You have designed your app and ready to publish on Google Play Store. But you don’t have a developer account on Google Play Store. It is not a problem anymore. If you subscribe on a google publishing service included plan, you will be able to publish your app on the store without purchasing a developer Read more about Google Play Publishing[…]

What types of apps can you create? – online application gerenator.  Click here to sign up! Our users have created; Professional applications, Personal applications, Bussiness applications, Social applications, Recipe applications, File sharing applications, Booking applications, M-commerece applications, Appointment applications, Video gallery applications, Image gallery applications, Comic applications, School applications, Course applications, Educational applications, WordPress applications, QR applications, Loyalty applications, Real-time chat Read more about What types of apps can you create?[…]