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Create once and obtain native apps for iPhone, iPads, Android phones and tablets, and a web app.

Powered with ionic framework

All the mobile part based on the powerful Ionic Framework to build beautiful and efficient apps.

EASY AS 1,2,3

Create your app with the drag&drop interface. Submit it to the stores or check the web app on your phone directly.

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Quelques fonctionnalités intéressantes

Marketplace Feature

Your own marketplace app. Your users can create ads and sell things on your app.

Taxi Feature

Your own Uber Taxi Application

Chat Feature

Your own chat application. Your users can chat on your application.

Annonces AdMob

You can show ads to earn money.


Adds Calendar feature Ical integrated


Your users can book reservation.


Your users can book appointment on time line.


Your users can display job ads.


To make a clean design, You can put some features in folders.


Simple password or QR code protected area.


You can sell products on your application.


You can link your woocommerce website.

Carte de fidélité

You can let your users collect loyalty points.

Mettre la table

You can create meal menus.

Coupons QR

Your users can read QR coupons.


You can create product catalogues.

Des endroits

You can create place spots on the map.


Your users can get weather information in your app.


Your users can get route on the map in your app.

Mur social

Your users can post, and share pictures in your app. Geo-fenced


You can import facebook page.


You can import your twitter account.

Dans la boîte

Your users can see notifications in inbox.


You can send unlimited push notifications to your users.

Push Géo-Ciblé

You can send geo-Targeted push notifications.


You can send individual push messages.

Connexes Push

You can send related push messages to the users’ choices.


You can create playlists. You can use itunes or put your own urls.


You can create video gallery using youtube, vimeo or podcats.


You can create an image gallery using instagram or flickr or you can upload your own images.


You can create a radio app.

Flux RSS

You can show feeds.


You can put call action, form action, navigate action in your app.

Appelle maintenant

Your users can call your number directly.


You can collect information using custom fields.

Codes QR

Your app can scan QR codes.

Page personnalisable

You can create a page by using custom features together.


You can link some web pages.

Support CSS

You can customize the look of your app by entering css codes.

Mises à jour en direct

You can change the content of your app instantly.

Membres de l'application

Your users can register. Facebook registration is available.

Publication Google Play

You don’t need to have Google Play Developer account.

Local Ads Listing

Your users post ads on the map.

APK & IOS Source

Easily create mobile applications

Faites votre propre application mobile sans codage

Votre propre APP dans les minutes

Apprikator - Créateur d'applications mobiles
Aucun codage requis

Faites votre propre application facilement sans codage. Utilisez votre propre écran de démarrage, icône de l'application. Ajoutez des fonctionnalités étonnantes dans votre application. Générez des fichiers de code source APK ou iOS et publiez-les sur Google Play Store et App Store.

  • Pourcentage d'approbation de l'application

  • Pourcentage d'approbation de l'application

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The best and the easiest mobile application builder. Create your mobile application in minutes. Pre-made templates and themes, lots of useful features and SCSS customizable features. Built in APK and source code generator. Create your app without coding and publish it on App Stores. Start your own app business.

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Thank you for building with us.

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